Nova pneumatic tools for aviation and aerospace maintenance and repair. Sheet metal tools and aircraft drills available.
Nova® Pneumatic Tools
Cobalt aircraft jobber drills - wire, fractional, letter & metric sizes. Sheet metal cutting tools for aviation & aerospace.
Cobalt & Carbide Drills, Taps
Threaded shank adapter drill bits, NAS 965 type D, 135º split point. Sheet metal aircraft and aviation cutting tools.
Threaded Shank Adapter Drills
Solid carbide jobber drills - wire, fractional, letter, metric sizes. Carbide brad point drills for composite cutting.
Carbide Drills, Composite Cutting Tools
Double margin drills, jobber length, 6 inch length, piloted, threaded, & hi-lok sizes available. Aircraft tools for MRO.
Double Margin Drills
Screwdriver Bits - Torx, Phillips, Torq-Set, B.N.A.E., Slotted, Tri Wing  & ACR Insert Bits. Screw Extractors, Paint Cutters.
Insert Bits
High Speed Steel Reamers, Piloted and Chucking Reamers, Threaded Reamers, Reamer Sets. Carbide Reamers available upon request.
High Speed Steel and Carbide Reamers
High Speed Steel Stop Countersinks, Solid Carbide Countersinks, Rivet Shavers, Hollow Cutters, Counterbores, Countersink Cages
Countersinks, Paint Cutters
Carbide Burs, Single and Double Cut. Die grinder bits and bur sets in many different styles, shapes and lengths,
Carbide Burs, NF Burs, Deburring Tools
Nova Pneumatic Grinders - Angle, Straight, Pencil & Extended Die Grinders. Orbital Sanders and Surface Conditioning Supplies.
Surface Conditioning
Cleco Fasteners, Pliers, Nova Pneumatic Installation Tools - A wide variety of Sheet Metal Fasteners available.
Cleco Fasteners and Installation Tools
Phenolic Scraper, Standard End Mills 2 Flute Regular Length Single End, Standard End Mills 4 Flute Regular Length Single End
New Products
Pan American Tool's Decimal Equivalent Chart is a convenient tool for converting measurements to decimal equivilants
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Aircraft Cutting Tools Catalog - Aviation and Aerospace MRO tool supplies from Pan American Tool
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Nova Pneumatic Tools High-quality competitively priced interchangeable pneumatic drills and aircraft tools for sheet metal aviation and aerospace maintenance and repair.
Cobalt and Carbide Drills, Taps Cobalt and Carbide Drills, Taps, Cobalt Drill Sets, and Stove Burner Drills for the toughest aerospace drilling jobs in abrasive materials such as steel, chrome, inconel and stainless steel.
Threaded Shank Adapter Drills Pan American Tool's type "D" threaded shank adapter drills are made from cobalt high speed steel and are manufactured to NAS 965 type "D" specifications for use in aircraft maintenance.
Carbide Cutting Tools Carbide Brad Point Drills, Drill / Reamers, Carbide Dagger Drills, Solid Carbide Drills, Carbide Countersinks, and Threaded Carbide Drills for use with modern composite materials used in the aerospace industry.
Double Margin Drills Double margin drills have a second margin, providing a more accurate, rounder drilled hole and frequently eliminating the need for reaming.
Insert Bits Screwdriver insert bits and accessories for industrial applications, including Paint cutters, Phillips and Slotted Bits, Screw Extractors, ACR, Torx and Torq-Set Insert Bits.
High Speed Steel Reamers Reamers are round cutting tools used in aerospace applications to enlarge or finish existing holes to a more precise tolerance. Includes High Speed Steel Reamers, Piloted and Chucking Reamers, Threaded Reamers and Reamer Sets
Countersinks, Paint Cutters A countersink is a cutter used to cut a conical hole into a manufactured object. High Speed Steel Stop Countersinks, Solid Carbide Countersinks, Rivet Shavers, Hollow Cutters, Counterbores, and Countersink Cages are available.
Carbide Burs Carbide burs are used for multiple industrial applications including cutting, shaping, grinding and the removal of sharp edges. High-quality single and double cut carbide burs and carbide bur sets are available in many different bur styles, shapes and lengths.
Surface Conditioning Surface Conditioning Tools are used for removal of paint, rust, oxides and coatings for proper preparation and finishing of sheet metal surfaces. Includes Straight and Angle Die Grinders, Orbital Sanders, Cutoff Wheels, Sealant Cutters, and Surface Conditioning Discs.
Cleco Fasteners and
Installation Tools
Cleco fasteners allow you to hold two pieces of sheet metal in proper alignment for drilling or riveting. Speed nut cleco fasteners are especially good for composite materials.
New Products Phenolic Scrapers, 2 and 4 Flute Regular Length Single End Standard End Mills, Sealant Cutters, Threaded Shank Adapter Carbide Drills, and more new items.