Sealant Cutters

Avoiding harsh chemicals or hand scraping and achieve smoother results with this sealant remover tool.  It can remove thick applications of seam sealant quickly and safely for aircraft maintenance and repair, saving time and effort.  This sealer remover tool is designed for use with aircraft rivets and can cleanly remove sealant around fasteners such as rivets, bolts and Hi-Loks.  It is an alternative to a hand-held sealant cutter.  It fits a 90º drill for tight spaces or a threaded adapter.  The cutters attach to your rotary tool. 

  • Commonly used at 900 RPM, recommended for use with Nova #60-043
  • Reliable and easy to use
  • Get in between rivets and small hard to reach areas
  • Removes sealant cleanly without solvents, lessening the chance of damaging underlying material
Quantity Part Number Description Industry Number Diameter Shank Size Pieces Per Package Price Each
48-182 Sealant Cutter .400 SR-3 .400 (3/8") 1/4 - 28 5 $7.00
48-181 Sealant Cutter .830 SR-8 .830 (3/4") 1/4 - 28 5 $8.25