Nova® Compact Pneumatic Tools

Nova Compact Pneumatic Tools

Nova Compact pneumatic tools are engineered and built for close quarter drilling for a variety of applications, including aviation, aerospace, automotive, and shipbuilding. The tools have a rear exhaust with bronze muffler, hardened alloy-steel planetary gears and heavy duty motor cylinder and rotor. Grease fittings in the motor housing and head provide for easy lubrication and smooth, quiet operation. With the motor to head adapter built onto the heads, the overall length of the tool is shortened, allowing for even more accessibility. This compact design offers the shortest possible tool length, further reducing operator stress and muscle fatigue smaller, and allowing drilling in even the tightest of areas. Designed to be used in combination with Pan American Tool's threaded shank adapter drills.The system  offers 4 motor housings as well as 6 interchangeable heads. Nova Standard pneumatic tool heads can be adapted to compact motor housings with optional adapter system, offering more possibilities for your drilling needs.