In / Out Deburring Tools

  • Fractional Sizes
  • Shank Size: 1/4″
  • Furnished with double acting blade for burr removal on both the front & back sides of hole.

  • The inexpensive, replaceable cutting blades can be adjusted to control the amount of edge break.

  • Spring tensioned blade retracts automatically as it passes through the work piece.

  • Crowned & polished top surface of the blade will not mar interior of the hole.
  • Precisely deburr or chamfer both sides of a hole in a single pass. Each burraway tool has a replaceable double-action blade made of high-speed steel. Tension can be adjusted with a hex key.
  • Replacement Blades, click here
Quantity Hole Size Inches Part Number Price Each
3/32 58-366 $74.65
1/8 58-367 $74.65
5/32 58-368 $74.65
3/16 58-369 $74.65
1/4 58-370 $80.10